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Name: Ayla Inoue
Nicknames: Ay and Lala
Birthday: April 30th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: taurus


hair, long hair, and black image beautiful, eye, and eyes image lips, pink, and pale image Image removed
asian, have a really pale skin in contrast with her dark eyes and extremely long black hair
Why do people think that just because I'm asian I like anime? Like, nothing against it but oh my goooooooooosh please stop.
-Ayla, 2:17 am 2018
Ay, you literally have a Spirited Away tattoo in your arm.


fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed Image removed girl, black, and fashion image
or all black or a dress
How that store doesn't a black shirt?! I don't believe I spent my time coming here.
-Ayla, 4:09 pm 2018


tattoo and spirited away image Temporarily removed
a spirited away tattoo
Yes, I have a Spirited Away tattoo, but no, I'm not a fan of animes. Deal with it.
-Ayla, 2:18 am 2018


black, quotes, and red image cat, sarcasm, and quotes image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed chill, cocooning, and mood image
_sarcastic, netflix and chil, lazy, loves food and laugh about bad things_


dog and animal image adorable, animals, and photography image dog, cute, and puppy image dog, pet, and poodle image
a poodle named Lalisa


hair, drawing, and draw image song, music, and shut up image internet, no, and work image outfit, fashion, and style image
draw, watch series, listen to music, procrastinate
“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” My dear, a year from now I'll be aready dead! Spare me of that philosopher shit.
-Ayla, 9,43 pm 2018


brain, nightmare before christmas, and the nightmare before christmas image cat, pink, and white image beautiful, college, and colorful image study, coffee, and school image
horror things (creepypastas, movies, books, etc), but also cute things. have lots of colorful pens, post-its, tapes and everything else
I don't know what I'm doing anymore... One hour ago I was watching Gudetama videos on repeat and now I just finished watching The Nun. I didn't even noticed the drastic change between the two things
Ayla, 2:31 am 2018

Best Friends

girl, aesthetic, and alternative image Image by ro
Ester Bellucci
book, bibliophile, and pin image girl, hair, and style image
Aurora Lacasse
boy, glasses, and smile image harmony, music, and piano image
Lucas Browne
friends, night, and grunge image book, couple, and boy image couple image Temporarily removed
The only thing I ask you guys for birthday is STOP STEALING MY PENS!
-Ayla to Lucas, Aurora and Ester, 3:01 pm 2018


aesthetic, alternative, and black image aesthetic, pastel, and theme image pastel image aesthetic, asian, and dark image art, draw, and drawing image pink, aesthetic, and vintage image
Ayla? Can you explain to me why did you drew a pink monster eating your schoolmate?
-Ayla's mom, 5:11 2005