Hey guys! I’m new here and my friend @sborek encouraged me to do a tag to dive into sharing my writing.

I saw variations of this tag floating around, but nothing quite like this. A lot of If I Were a Greek Goddess and If I Were from Camp Halfblood, so a lot of Greek based mythology tags. I love mythology and I thought I’d put together a post of if I was a demigod from different mythologies.

This is going to be a long one, so strap yourselves in.

For convenience sake, my appearance is going to be the same for all the characters.

Age: 20


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Blonde hair, generally in rocker braids. Blue-grey eyes. Pale Skin.
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Casual punk. Leather jackets, black jeans (probably ripped), combat boots. Black, black, black.


Name: Serafina – of the seraph

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God Parent: Lugh – God of Skill, Crafts and Art, Oaths, Truth and Law

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Serafina’s mother was a well-known lawyer. She lived, breathed, and slept law. Lugh, god of law (among other things), fell in love with her fiery passion for her work and then the woman behind the passion. They went out on many dates, Serafina’s mom pleased to finally find a man not scared away by her strong will. When she got pregnant, Serafina’s mom continued to work, practically until the day she gave birth. It wasn’t long after Serafina’s birth that the god had to leave, though, revealing who he was to Serafina’s mom, who took it quite well. Serafina’s mom never hated or disliked him for the deceit and she never lied to Serafina about her father (but never quite told her the whole truth). Serafina didn’t meet her dad until she was a teenager, but he was never too far removed from her life.

Personality: Don’t tell me I can’t, I will prove you wrong

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Skills: Jack of all trades

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Serafina technically can know how to do anything. This being the case, she has collected as many skills as she can. If she really wants to master something, she does need to practice.

Weapon: Spear/Slingshot

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Weapons given to her by her father, similar to the ones he uses


Name: Anemone (Emmie) – like the sea creature

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God Parent: Poseidon – God of the Sea, Horses, Earthquakes, Storms

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Anemone’s mother was a marine biologist by trade and an ocean enthusiast by hobby. Her passion for the ocean washed over every part of her life, including choosing where she wanted to live and how she decorated her house. She was a strong fighter for marine protection and got on the news for throwing a fit over an oil rig spill. A man, Poseidon, approached her after the rally, and showed a lot of interest in her interest. At first, Emmie’s mother gave him the cold shoulder, pegging him as a basic Californian surfer dude. But he eventually gained her trust as he showed up for more rallies and she ran into him at the beach many times. When Emmie’s mom got pregnant, Poseidon stayed to tell her the truth. Emmie’s mom was beyond ecstatic and begged him to stay. He couldn’t, sadly, but promised to visit. Emmie didn’t meet her father until she was a teenager, but her mother proudly flaunted her relationship with the god.

Personality: Ocean

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Skills: Water manipulation, ability to communicate with sea creatures/horses, storm creation

Image by Boy Disturbed dolphin, animal, and sea image horse, sea, and ocean image sky, clouds, and storm image

Weapon: Trident

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Given to Emmie by her father for her 16th birthday


Name: Scarlet (Scar) – color of blood

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God Parent: Bellona – Goddess of War

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Scarlet’s father was the least confrontational, quietest, nerdiest bookworm of a man you would ever meet. He was a Woman’s Studies and Psychology professor at a college. His studies focused on women warriors and wanting to discover why people went to war. His research sparked some interest in a certain Goddess of War, the Roman Bellona. She was straight up with who she was and why she was there. The professor in him found her absolutely invaluable and their conversations were long and deep. The nonacademic side of him found the goddess charming, witty, and beautiful. They were together for many years, when suddenly, the goddess left for about a year. When she returned, it was with a beautiful baby girl. She explained to him that she could not keep the child with her and made him promise to keep her. Scarlet meet her mother in grade school and is close with her.

Personality: Fighter

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Skills: Telumkinesis, battle prowess

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Telumkinesis is the ability to create, summon, shape, manipulate, and use any kind of weapon with perfect skill.

Weapons: Sword/Whip

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Weapons given to Scarlet by her mother when she came of age


Name: Leona - lion

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God Parent: Bast/Bastet/Sekhmet – Goddess of Warfare, Healing, Protection

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Leona’s father was an archeologist who was determined to return artifacts to their native people. He worked with museums across the world to identify the cultures and people certain valuable artifacts belonged to and bring them back to their people. One of his trip took him to Egypt, to a tribe that still worshipped the goddess Sekhmet, the ancient version of the well-known Bast. His crew returned a statue of the goddess to her temple and the archeologist was greeted by the goddess herself. He was rewarded wonderfully by the goddess and never expected to see her again. Less than a year later, however, the goddess showed up at his house with a child. She apologized for having to leave the child (or kitten as she fondly referred to her as) with him, but explained that she couldn’t keep her. Leona traveled the world with her father and met her mother on a return trip to Egypt when she was about five or six.

Personality: Cat

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She’s exactly like a cat: independent, fierce, curious, active, lazy, naps a lot, can be skittish etc

Skills: Cat

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Night vision, agility, heighten senses (smell, hearing, sight), claws and sharp teeth

Weapons: Bow and arrow/daggers

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Weapons given to Leona by her mother on her 10th birthday


Name: Astrid – godly beauty or godly strength

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God Parent: Freyja – Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sorcery, Gold, War and Death, Leader of the Valkyries

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Astrid’s father was nobody. He was a laborer, a factory worker in a major city. The goddess chose him for no other reason than that he could give her a child. When they met, he was pleasantly surprised that such a beautiful person had chosen him. She fed him lies about being a model in love with his hard-working attitude. When she gave birth, she left him with the child and fed him lies about traveling, coming back every six months. From the beginning, Freyja was incredibly involved with her daughter’s rearing. Astrid’s father was rather emotionally detached from the entire situation. He took her to school and loved her dearly, but was happy to let the mother take control. She often took her daughter to Asgard to train with her Valkyries and spend time among the Asgardians and Norse Gods. Astrid grew up surrounded by her mythical heritage.

Personality: Femme fatal

Image by A 3 i i🇶🇦 Image by 𝐃𝐚𝐲𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐱𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐯𝐞 Temporarily removed femme fatale, quote, and riverdale image

Skills: Magic, able to cry tears of gold, Valkyrie

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Since Astrid’s mother is the leader of the Valkyrie, Astrid is a fully-fledged Valkyrie

Weapons: Magic/sword

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Weapon given to Astrid by her mother upon becoming a Valkyrie

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed. Let me know if you’d like to see more tags/writing from me. I’m going to do it anyways, but if you have anything in particular, let me know.


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