Tweed & Stripes

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These prints are making a huge comeback this time of year. The tweed is a great for when you want to dress up and look a little more put together. Stripes are good for spicing up any outfit.


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Boots are so in for this time of year! I have recently been loving the thigh high boots, they look so cute with dresses and skirts, and they even look great over jeans! If the thigh high boots just aren’t for you, you absolutely have to get your hands on a pair of chunky heeled boots for this time of year! The chunky heel is making a total comeback! If heels just aren’t doing it for you, wedges are a nice choice as well and they’re way more comfortable!


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Vests are also great for spicing up an outfit. They add a cute flare, and layers are super cute for fall and winter.


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Sweaters are great for days when you want to look cute without having to sacrifice comfort! They can be worn alone or spiced up with accessories.


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Flannels are so versatile! They can be worn buttoned up, unbuttoned over a cute shirt, and even tied around the waist as an accessory to any outfit.

Ripped Jeans

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Ripped jeans are cute all year ‘round, but they are especially cute for this time of year! They’re the perfect way to add a little umph to any outfit!


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Scarves are so cozy! They also have the superpower of being able to make any ordinary outfit look cute.

-xx Lenny