I gave absolutely everything in me to you. Never asking for anything in return. I was there at 3 a.m. to listen to all the problems and pointless conversations. I was there after games for you to tell me all about it, the good and the bad. When you had a issue, I was there. For a year, I gave it my all. Every last bit of me. You infected me like a bad disease. You were in my head, heart, and veins. I breathe, slept, and ate you. I was exhausted but I never caved. I made your problems my own. I used to think your laugh was my favorite sound. That your smile was my favorite sight. Nothing was wrong with you. You were you and that was perfect for me. Then she walked into your life. She didn't have to squeeze by your sharp edges, or jump over your mental blocks. I tried for you. But you chose her. I'll never know why, because I'm scared of the answer. I will never tell you how I felt. I see now you didn't want me. But I know to much to forget you. and seeing you with her. That hurt.