Hello everyone! Halloween is getting closer, and I think it's time to make an article about it.

These images are some ideas for inspiration, I hope this will help you in some way.


beauty, costume, and creepy image beautiful, nail, and tumblr image

The color that can't be missing in a ghost decoration is obviously white and black.

Movie art

it and nails image black, Halloween, and nails image

This one is more about your creativity. You have to think about the movies you usually see on Halloween.


Halloween, nails, and fall image nails, nail polish, and opi image

Black, obviously orange and green (optional) are colors that can be perfect for your pumpink nails.

Spooky Backgrounds

Temporarily removed nails, black, and Halloween image

Dark tones or colors give it an spooky touch. It can be a cementery or a black night with a moon.


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The black is a color that can't be missing in the decoration. If it's better, only make the eyes.


nails, Halloween, and black image black, clear, and grey image

As said in the last one, black is essential. You can add some spiderwebs.


Halloween, halloween nails, and halloween nail art image Temporarily removed

Colors such as black or grey and white work out very well with this type of deco.


Halloween, nails, and black image Halloween, nail art, and nails image

To change the style, you can make a scream face in two nails and blood in the other three.


Halloween, halloween nails, and halloween nail art image nails, eyes, and Halloween image

It works with a background made of the traditional colors from halloween: purple and black.


nails, green, and Halloween image Halloween, nails, and Frankenstein image

You have two options here; a green frankenstein face or a grey decoration for your nails.


nails image Temporarily removed

Here you also have two options: all the nails with the same deco or two-three nails with dracula's face and the others with his mouth.


Halloween, halloween nails, and halloween nail art image Halloween, halloween nails, and halloween nail art image

These examples are very cute and only have three basic colors. Only make the eyes of the mummy.


Temporarily removed bats, blood, and blood splatter image

A single-colored background or a bloody background are good options.


nails, blood, and Halloween image Temporarily removed

The best you can do is a plain background, with splatter blood all over your nails.

Or all combined!

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You're free to do whatever you want! All these designs combined are also very beautiful.

Thank you for reading my article.