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Name: Emma Cortney
Nickname: Em
Birthday: October 29th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


black women, brown, and makeup image beauty, curly hair, and girl image brown, eye, and goals image lips, red, and lipstick image
brown skin, curly hair, dark eyes, big lips, tall
I like my lips as red as my enemies blood
-Emma, 00:57 am 2018


outfit, girl, and red image Image by thisismsjessica style, black, and fire image Temporarily removed
just anything black and red


Temporarily removed aesthetic, peace, and quotes image quotes and text image beautiful, I Love You, and you and me image Image removed Image removed
stressed all the time, likes to party, quite baddie and smart
-Emma, 11:34 pm 2018


turtle and donatello image asos, flowers, and headgehog image cute, animal, and hedgehog image beauty, butt, and green image
doesn't have one but is always taking care of Leo's headgehog and Adam's turtle
That turtle spends more time in my house than at yours, why don't you just give her to me?
-Emma to Adam, 8:19 am 2018
I have an idea! You're her mother and I'm the father, we can be a beautiful familly!
Give me Josefine and get out of my house


Image removed tattoo, nails, and diamond image red, aesthetic, and wine image makeup, Halloween, and red image
do makeup, go to parties, paint her nails, bother adam
Let's party peopleeee!
-Emma, 9:58 pm 2018
No, not you Adam


girl, feminism, and quotes image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image food, McDonalds, and car image 70s, 80s, and 90s image
makeup, feminism, fast food, rock
-Emma, 3:24 pm 2018

Best Friends

eat, fat, and food image boy, manu rios, and tumblr image
Adam Dallas
boy image book, coffee, and autumn image
Leo Kornel
party, grunge, and friends image friends image girl, grunge, and party image grunge, ghost, and indie image
A hipster and an idiot, look the people that I am friends with..
-Emma, 3:46 pm 2018
Oh come on! You're just saying that because we gained more points than you in the arcade.


Image by - red, aesthetic, and Devil image alternative, grunge, and red image aesthetic, art, and breakup image Image by - red, exit, and light image
God... Emma! Where did you put my red lipstick?!
-Emma's mother, 5:21 pm 2003