1. Jess and Gabriel

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Jess and Gabriel are THE CUTEST couple (don't fight me on this), the couple did long distance until finally marrying and moving to LA together where they create fun and fresh vlogs, definitely worth a watch

2. The ACE Family

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An adorable little family consisting of young parents Catherine and Austin and baby Elle. They recently gave birth to princess #2 so go watch those videos :)

3. Valeria Lipovetsky

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Model and mommy of 3 gorgeous little boys, she posts anything from modelling tips, self love, fashion inspo and plenty of family content

4. Emma Chamberlain

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If you're looking for some funny quality content then Emma is the girl for you, you'll even get the occasional Dolan Twin sighting ;)

5. Kristin Johns

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Kristin posts all sorts of home and beauty videos and has a plant collection envied by many, feel free to drool over her aesthetic and her hilarious relationship with her husband and dogs

6. Summer Mckeen

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Follow this sweet soul and Snapchats "endless summer" star for an abundance of fashion, beauty and funny content. She's gorgeous and will easily put a smile on your face

7. Olivia Vargus

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My favourite vegan health influencer and inspirational queen, shes got the best health, decor, music and beauty videos. And she's hilarious

- Laura :)