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Cora killed my mom. She didn't get to spend much time with her grandbabies. Cole is still at war. He missed their birth. I miss him more each day. He comes home in one week. We started out sending letters everyday, but he hasn't responded in months now. I try not to worry, but that's difficult. He chose the names of our baby girls. From oldest to youngest they are Devon, Emerson, and Suri. They're about 10 minutes apart each. I give props to all mamas. I don't understand how they do it. Also, while pregnant, I ate like a monster. Donuts. Tons of donuts.

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I love being a mom, though. Every part of it.

Aria has been staying with Raine, but I offered to have her come here if any point she wants to. She'll have three best friends.

I walked into their room to check on them. They've been oddly quiet.

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I kissed Devon and Suri's heads and Emerson's hands. I smiled to myself. They were sleeping so peacefully. Devon's a mermaid, Emerson is goddess of home, and Suri is a snow leopard and ice queen. She's the special one in the family. Gosh, I love them more every second. I'm enjoying this time when everything is stable and happy. I've learned to since I never know when tragedy will strike. The only factor that would make life better would be to have Cole around.