It's hard to describe a feeling, when you don't even know why it's reoccurring.
You spend your days surrounded by people yet you don't seem to connect with any of them.
You smile, laugh, and converse with those around you, but a sinking swell in your heart is always present.
You ask yourself "why?" all the time, you try hard to open up to the possibility of having others reciprocate your attempts at forming bonds yet you over-think.
You believe that no one ever truly forms a friendship with you.
They're just passing by, and before you know it they're gone.
Moved on to the next person, formed a deeper connection with someone else, and solidified a bond with another.
You yearn to feel accepted, appreciated, wanted, included--
But it never comes.
Is it me? Am I the root of this dilemma? Am I not worthy of love? Do people just not see me as a potential companion? A friend?
Am I destined to walk this lifetime alone?
To never know the meaning of love?
The feeling of love.
The heartache.
The tears.
The joy.
You try to find an answer, you try to stop the feeling, you try your hardest to find a way out.
You wonder and wander for days, weeks, months, years.
Before you know it, so much time has passed yet the feeling remains, people have gone, others have come, but eventually they leave to.
You stand alone.
You ask yourself why?

Why do I feel this way?

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