It's been a while since my heart let you go but it is too drunk to decide what it wants. Now you are one of my best friends, but sometimes I look at you and i can't resist, why do you feel so inevitable for me? I wonder what's wrong with me, I'd die for you, you're my bestie, my one true love, my sister... I don't know how to describe this feeling, this is so confusing, but I'm happy right now, I'm doing ok, I don't cry over you, I don't miss you in the same way as I used to do. I'm writting this for you, cause you are the joy of my life, the only person who has been always there. Every kiss, every smile, every hug... everything you've done for me is something that I'll never forget. This is just the beggining, a few months ago I thought it was the end, I thought our relationship was over, but we are more than what we think.
If in a future you'll read this, I just want you to know that I'll try to do my best every single day of my life for you, because you changed my life, and no matter what happens in a future, I want to be there for you.