i tried writing a happy, upbeat article, but i just can't right now.

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unfortunately, i'm not the guilty one this time. this time it's you.

all of this doesn't seem real. you make me feel empty, yet full of emotions at the same time. i'm left feeling everything while you feel nothing. at least, not for me.

you probably look at her the way you used to look at me. you hear her in my favorite songs, which i can't listen to anymore because the thought of you listening to those stupid lyrics and instantly thinking of her makes me sick to my stomach.

you know what else makes me queasy? the fact that i knew something was changing in you; i could see it. you didn't get lost in my eyes anymore. you weren't really "too nervous" to hold my hand or kiss me, you just didn't want to. i felt you changing but tried to write it off as something else to protect my heart.

the thing that's most sickening? the girl that you're head over heels for now is the one that i've had insecurities about all along.

you fell for her while we were still dating; while i was still in love with you. and guess what? i haven't stopped loving you.

but you've already stopped loving me and that pill is so hard for me to swallow that it's still sitting in the palm of my hand.