Latley, I've been seeing the concept of feeling lonely everywhere.
It usually comes either from the great longing for love or for a different family or friend. On worst cases, depression is the only one to blame.

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I'm here to try to help those of you who feel lonely.

Lonely, by definition means; being sad because one has no friends or company.

Believe me when I say that I get the feeling, I really do. I've been drawn in it for many months, and still fight from time to time, and this is my conclusion, I hope it helps.

Mos times we are okay, w feel okay, while the sun is up and the blue sky looks bright, but once the night falls on us our thoughts start attacking us:

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"I feel lonely"

"If I had a lover, then I wouldn't have to spend my weekend nights watching movies alone"

"My own friends don't care about me"

If we are being honest, on most of these cases, your thoughts may have some true to them. However, my point on this article is different.

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There's something you could do; and this is probably the only thing you can do.
You need to learn not to feel lonely just because you are physically alone, stop associating one concept with the other.
You being sad because you are alone on a saturday night is silly. You were alone on your mother's belly, you were alone when you cried on your bathroom that time, you were alone when the darkness of your room gave you the chills; and you'll be alone when you die.

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You are the person with whom you will sleep every night of your life.

Yes, you could be watching this movie with a friend or a lover, but you are watching it alone right now, so why not enjoy it?!

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Laugh aloud! Talk aloud!

You should be your best friend, and your priority number one.
Good and bad people will come and go.

Please, don't cry because you are alone. Loving those private times is the best thing you can work on; no social anxiety, no pressure; because no one is watching.

Watch those guily-pleasure shows and movies.
Put on comfy clothes, or those outfits you don't dare to wear in public and just have fun!

It can be hard sometimes so at least promise yourself that you'll work on it! You'll be so much happier, I promise! Good luck! <3

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Thanks for reading!