So my name is Mélanie and I'm 21 years old.

I just decided to stop college.

This is hard to even just say. I have worked a year after high school because the two things I tried at uni and college didn't fit me. Than I felt better after a year working so I thought why not try Tourism in college since I really like travelling and different cultures and languages. Turns out, I hate school. I actually always knew this... . I just fell for what people said, you know , the "but if you really like it and give it all you got you'll get there!". Bullshit. I gave everything I had for over a year and now I'm just empty and dead. And I failed 5 classes. I didn't get there. I'm disappointed and I feel like I'm weak. And now it's even more. We just started and I can't do shit already, all I do is cry like a pathethic stupid girl and try to sleep but not being able to. So I stay tired while stressing about all the shit I gotta do and my head blocks and I can't get anything done. I can barely even read something these days. I'm broke, I have 0,91 cents on my bank account at this very moment, no joke. So besides the fact that my routine life already sucks, I can't even see my freaking friends and have a life... . So ya now what. I'm done. I can't live at home anymore, like I'm too much I need my own place. So I'm gonna get any job, find a lil' place in the city, start funky fat burning, yoga and pilates , go to expo's and other social/cultural happenings again, organise some trips for myself and enjoy my life for a sec. again 'cause this is just a big fat depressing hell hole. I've been postponing my blog I've been wanting for years because people stress me out about my freakin' future. To me it don't matter since I don't live in it now. And you should know, I'm not a pathetic, stupid and weak girl. No, I'm an independent, ambitious, multi-interested young woman. With some self confidence and motivation to keep myself away from negativity and closer to happiness and positivity.
Wauw sorry for that, well I guess a good ranting session is needed from time to time. Just to be clearer on some things to you know.

Like the reason why I can't figure my life out is because I don't have one only passion or interest or speciality. I'm in love with many things, such as the fallowing:


Since I've been little really fashion has always been a big love of mine. I always wore whatever I wanted and loved everything mood and colour related. It's such a big expression tool I love it.

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Making a home and a celebration out of everything is my main goal in life, it does so much for your happiness and feelings, mental health and positive attitude.

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I just love hosting, putting out an effort for food, music, decorations and a vibe. Gathering people, talking about everything and nothing.

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Sharing/ storytelling

I love sharing my life and my perceptions. Through my instagram, my articles on weheartit and blogpost attempts, music, poems, prose, dance, film, theatre. You know it all goes paired with the storytelling I guess. Plus the writing is really therapeutic .

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It's such a big part of our lives, why make it bad or boring if you can have more than an enjoyable meal a day... . To feel satisfied and in balance after the perfect meal.

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I just want to discover more about the world, there is so much to see and I think discovering more makes you more aware of the world and everyone in it and how different it all is everywhere, more than you'd ever imagine.

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Culture, books, art, languages, history and so on... . I could not live without, it's all I wanna learn about, I think it brings so much wisdom and openness .

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The truth is I could go on. But nothing will ever be enough for anyone. So I struggle to find my path since there are so many and I see no light.
With faith it is though that I fallow this adventure.

Thanks for reading,
Lots of love...