Do you think your way of acting is correct? Oh, poor, unfaithful men and women, someday you will know what it is to pay for your disobedience and disrespect. Let's cite the unfortunate consequence of Narciso, a young arrogant, inconsiderate and without any importance to his peers so there was no other choice but to make him fall in love with himself when he saw his face in crystalline waters, in which he drowned in the attempt to kiss his reflection.

It is in my hands to teach them to value what life has granted them with complacency but their stunted and stubborn minds prevent them from seeing the happiness painted before you. Why do they make me work so hard? I must absorb their ungrateful souls and drag them with me to the end of time in this bracelet, which like me, on the outside is a beautiful and striking jewel but inside it harbors suffering and darkness.

Do not think it's an easy and pleasant task, I used to be a woman of light, a wine lover and an admirer of pure love, but with every dissatisfying soul that I take, I turn dark and wanting to bring suffering.

I long to someday finish, to cleanse the world of love with masks, false and interested; returning faith and credibility to broken hearts.

challenge creator