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Last week I posted 25 ways to show kindness to yourself, your family and your friends. If you haven't read it yet, I'll leave the article here down below . Today, I am bringing another 25 ways to be kind to your acquaintances and strangers. Hence I am providing you with 50 useful ways to make your life much happier and easier. Thank me later 😉

To your friends:

26. Help them out.

Super important, even with little things like borrowing them your phone to make a call when their phone is dead or they do not have credit.

27. Be there for them when they are at their lowest.

Asking if they are alright does not cost anything. If they do not want to say it, ask once and again if they feel better than yesterday (without pressuring them to say what's wrong with them). Instead try to find a path together to a possible solution. This will reassure them that you will be there for them and that you value the friendship.

28. Do something generous just because once in a while.

Little gestures are the best gestures. Eg: waiting for them after class.

29. Make time for them.

It shows that you care.

30. Remind them of how much you appreciate them by expressing gratitude.

For example "thank you for being there for me the other time. You are amazing". Sometimes we forget to be grateful.

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To acquaintances at school or work/ your community:

31. Be polite at all times.

You'll give a good impression even if you can't tell you have.

32. Give notes.

If you classmate needs notes because they were not in school that day, help them out. They'll remember that time you helped them out and help you in return when you need it.

33. If you are good at a subject, volunteer to help someone from your school study if they struggle with a subject (and they need the help).

34. No petty criticism at school/work.

That just spreads negativity with people that are getting to know us and we don't want that... do we?

35. Always have something prepared to say whenever you see any acquintance.

It shows that you are sociable and if you are not, it will make you become so.

36. Offer some of your lunch to someone who does not have anything to eat, even if they have not asked you.

37. Stand up for people you normally see in your community  if you ever see them caught up in something.

38. Acknowledge people for an accomplishment.

For instance if they got a scholarship or anything that has a big impact in their life, tell them how deserving they are for it.

39. Give words of encouragement if they ever have a deep conversation with you.

Being wise is one of the best treats to have.

40. Reach out to a person in need.

Sometimes someone you might know from your school or neighbourhood could be going through rough times and may not know how to voice it.

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To strangers:

41. Volunteer!

42. Give up your seat if you do not really need it.

43. Stop to help.

Don't just ignore it  because is none of your business. What if it was you who needed the help?

44. Pay for someone's bus/train ticket when they unexpectedly don't have any money in their card.

( ONLY IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT ). Londoners can relate to this 😂

45. Donate anything you know it will be beneficial for someone else that might need it.

46. If you are a driver, stop and let people in the middle of the road cross first.

47. Inspire people online by being transparent about what you think

Like me right know 😉

48. When you make eye contact with someone, SMILE!

49. Treat every small interaction with a stranger as an opportunity to make them smile.

50. Avoid greed, anger and ignorance if you ever get into a fight with someone.

Keep calm, you are probably never going to see them again anyways.

That's the end of this list! Thank you so much for reading and I hope it gave you some solid ideas about how to change your world around. I also hope that you can use this as a guide whenever you feel like negativity is affecting you. Kindness leaves such a long-lasting effect and such an  impression on people... it's insane! I just wanted to note that doing these things can sometimes make people to take advantage of your kindness. You and ONLY you can stop that from happening if you put some limits to it if you feel like the person doesn't deserve your kindness. But don't ever let anyone take the kindness away from you.

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