if i were...

a flower

flowers image rose, flowers, and pink image snow, aesthetic, and flowers image rose, flowers, and white image
a white and pale flower

a color

purple, aesthetic, and sky image quotes, forever, and grunge image purple and moon image quotes, think, and light image

a season

Temporarily removed snow, winter, and city image snow, winter, and christmas image winter and snow image

a tattoo

bird, body art, and floral image Image by siierra_ale tattoo, bird, and hand image beauty, bird, and perfect image
a bird

a song

Temporarily removed while you were sleeping, lee jong suk, and kdrama image wallpaper, kdrama, and suzy image couple, suzy, and wyws image
it's you - henry

a quote

quotes, life, and surprise image greek and quote image life, people, and purpose image quotes, autumn, and inspiration image
good things will happen

a feeling

flowers, nature, and aesthetic image soul image aesthetic, flowers, and ulzzang image blogger, blonde, and fashion image
calm, positivity, serenity

a landscape

nature, sand, and photography image Image by anett éva nature and flowers image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
forest, countryside, desert


city, Sydney, and australia image Temporarily removed Sydney, australia, and piclab image nature, roadtrip, and travel image
sydney, australia


rm and bts image Image removed aesthetic, album, and answer image bts, album, and love yourself image
love yourself 結 answer

body part

love, hands, and couple image aesthetic, alternative, and asian image hand, vintage, and light image hands, aesthetic, and tumblr image


Image by ave Temporarily removed food, raspberry, and fruit image food, waffles, and raspberry image


light, christmas, and city image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It winter, snow, and candle image
inspired by this article