I am now a sophomore in college so I feel pretty confident in these five tips I have for anyone considering going to college. I attended a four year college last year, but made the switch to a community college after I changed my major, so my college journey is definitely an interesting one.

hopefully these tips can help any new college-goers or seniors making the decision of which college to go to.

Everything is OVERpriced

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-> specifically four year colleges. You get charged for the dorm and parking. If you have a bike you get charged for that. You’ll get charged to use the rec center and courts even if you don’t ever use them. You get charged for your ID, and the clothes are very expensive. I spent last year attending a four year college with the year totaling about 28,000.
The price was partly why I decided to transfer to a community college after changing my major. This last semester totaled about $1,100.00 and if next semester is the same, the year total will be about $2,200.00. That’s $25,800.00 saved just this year by attending a community college.

Rate your professor

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-> this will be your best friend! Use it. Previous students of the professor can go online and rate them so you get an idea beforehand as to what they’re like. Had I known about this at the beginning of the semester, I wouldn’t have a super lazy professor that expects us to teach ourselves anatomy and won’t help us when we reach out to him for help.

Changing your major

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-> if you’re freaking out because you were so certain you wanted to major in biology but now you’re leaning towards psychology- it’s okay. Just take a deep breath and realize students change their majors a lot. More times than not, students will not graduate with the major they initially chose. For me, I chose to major in biology for pre-med but after a lot happened and I grew as a person, I realized I loved anatomy and physiology a lot more! So now I’m a physical therapy major, and that’s okay. It’ll all work out in the end.

Clubs and Volunteering

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-> join as many clubs and volunteer as often as you can! This looks GREAT on program applications especially the ones that are particularly competitive. Even if you aren’t interesting in photography, join the club! Try a new experience and perhaps you’ll end up liking it. Volunteer at pet shelters, or local highway pickup, or at town events. That way people will give you good letters of recommendation as well.

Make friends!

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-> even if you have plenty of friends, make some more. Even if you’re extremely shy, at least make one friend. These friends might be your life-line when it comes to passing the class. They can be your study buddy and if you miss they could give you the work from that day.


These are just the top 5 tips I could think of for someone who is considering their options. This is also my first article so any tips and tricks you’d give? Thanks!