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// general

birth name: choi mi-kyong
stage name: mimi
meaning: beauty & brightness
nicknames: mimi
birthday: july 22
liner: 95
zodiac: cancer
birth place: busan, south korea
nationality: korean
languages: korean, english, and some japanese
sexuality: straight
blood type: ab
fav color: purple

// appearence

girl and asian image korean, pretty, and asian image asian and ulzzang image ulzzang, girl, and asian image

height: 161cm
weight: 46kg
eye color: dark brown
hair: short, black, and straight hair
dyed: silver and pink
skin: ivory
body type: mesomorph

// style


fashion, aesthetic, and clothes image fashion, clothes, and kfashion image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


girls inspiration, perfect goals, and black dress image dress, fashion, and red image fashion, outfit, and beautiful image Image removed


grunge, music, and alternative image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and style image


Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and girl image aesthetic, girl, and outfit image Temporarily removed


fashion, black, and outfit image Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and style image Temporarily removed

// group

group name: RA!N
fandom: droplets
members: 4 (order from oldest to youngest)

asian, fashion, and ulzzang image ulzzang girl image asian, girl, and ulzzang image girl, cute, and asian image

- Alexa Miller (Ale) // visual, lead dancer, lead rapper // korean-american // 93 liner // june 3

- Choi Mi-kyong (Mimi) // main dancer, lead singer, producer, leader // korean // 95 liner // july 22

- Mei Satou // main singer, face of the group // Japanese // 95 liner // December 27

- Park Mina (Mina) // main rapper, sub vocalist, maknae // korean // 97 liner // march 12

training: started in 2012 (3 years) // she was an underground dancer with her best friend, Jung hoseok. After years of convincing, she finally saw her future as an idol. There she picked up how to sing more professionally.

colors: black, white, gray

lightstick: a tear shape on top of the handle. On the handle, there is buttons that are shaped like hearts. handle is black and the tear is a blueish gray.

concept: dark, mysterious, slightly sexy, with a deep meaning and full of conspiracy theories (like fake love by bts)

agency: big hit entertainment

debut: June 1st, 2015

// inner self


sailor moon, meme, and anime image Temporarily removed overthinking image uwü, aesthetic, and street image

- optimistic
- moody
- nurturing
- affectionate
- either hyper or reserved, no in between
- giggly
- brutally honest
- resting sad face
- music lover
- can read others minds p easily


like, nice, and pretty image city, minimalistic, and san francisco image

- traveling
- making new friends
- hugs
- the cold weather
- cats!! cats!!! cats!!!


avocado, green, and minimalist image grunge, girl, and pale image

- criticism
- close minded people
- loud people
- stubbornness
- bugs
- the dark


Image removed dancing, gif, and vintage vibe image

- dancing
- very fast learner
- organized
- playing the cello
- good with kids

fav food:

carrot, cole, and food image food, fruit, and vegan image

- pad thai
- spring rolls

fav drink:

aesthetic, boba, and cute image aesthetic, drink, and food image

- boba
- iced tea

life motto:

"Be a rainbow in somebody else's clouds"

instagram feed:

aesthetic, black hair, and pretty image Temporarily removed Image removed theme, aesthetic, and red image asian, korean, and ulzzang image Inspiring Image on We Heart It red velvet, yeri, and kim yerim image food, wine, and sunset image


close friends

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed vernon, Seventeen, and kpop image umji, gfriend, and yewon image

- jung hoseok (정호석)
- minatozaki sana (사나)
- hansol vernon (한솔최)
- kim ye won (김예원)

bff of the group:

Image removed aesthetic image food, friends, and breakfast image korean, ulzzang, and asian image

park mina!! <3 UwU


bts, v, and taehyung image v, bts, and lq image Temporarily removed bts, taehyung, and tae image

kim taehyung of bts


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