Many times I stop to think about life and how we are destined to face it. It happens to us many times to feel alone, far from the world, as if we were extraterrestrials who don't find harmony with their fellow men. We look into the void losing ourselves and so we begin to wander towards universes never explored before, as the result of our imagination.

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Loneliness is sometimes the best companion. It does not ask useless questions and often answers.
- Gabriele Martufi

Loneliness, although some of us may hate it, makes us reflect and helps us understand many things we can not give answers to. How? simple, with silence. It seems strange to think about it but our mind also needs a break from the world every now and then.

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My advice, when you feel alone, too lonely, is to go out, take a walk, look at the nature and the beautiful things that life reserves, breathing and looking for answers to the most hidden and deep questions that torment us.

~ Manila Salvi