Hey guys! This is my first and probably also my last article on We<3it because I normally don't publish stuff here but today I just felt like creating a spontaneous song tag.
So enjoy, or don't - at least I did :D
Oh, and as you read you may notice that I'm kinda into oldies...

Songs that make me happy:
- Free Fallin' ~ Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
- Escape (The pina colada song) ~ Rupert Holmes
- Take on me ~ a-ha
- Surfin' USA ~ The Beach Boys

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Songs that make me cry every single time:
- I See Fire ~ Ed Sheeran
- Iris ~ Goo Goo Dolls
- You Found Me ~ The Fray
- Chasing Cars ~ Snow Patrol

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My favorite inspirational songs:
- Paradise ~ Coldplay
- Hotel California ~ The Eagles
- Run Boy Run ~Woodkid
- A Sky Full of Stars ~ Coldplay

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Songs that make me wanna dance:
- Sweet Dreams ~ Eurythmics
- Oops!...I did it again ~ Britney Spears
- Wannabe ~ Spice Girls
- Everybody ~ Backstreet Boys

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And last but not least, songs for my favorite time of the year - fall (or as I like to call it, Halloween season:
- Thriller ~ Michael Jackson
- Ghostbusters ~ Ray Parker Jr.
- Time Warp ~ The Rocky Horror Picture Show
- Psycho Killer ~ Talking Heads

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Hope you got some nice inspiration for your playlist!