There's a long way in front of you. All the same you still relentlessly walk along. Sometimes you look back but it doesn't change anything because the past doesn't exist. So you still go forward even if exhaustion catches up with you. By the sweat of your brow, you beat all adversities which get in your way. When you go over the hill, you rest. It seems so easy. But sometimes our road branches on few others. Then you just must reach for the compass or the map and be governed in your definite direction. The problem begins then when you look at your compass and it proves that's broken.

If so doesn't remain you anything other like go in any path. But from where have you confidence that it is this valid path?

Is it similar in life too? You cross it encountering some difficulties and sometimes you just get lost. Just get lost. And it's nothing bad but you often can't find yourself. You don't know what do you want from life, what is your aim. You lose touch with your own soul. Maybe you are afraid. You look for happiness but at the bottom, you don't know how it does look like for you and that's why you cannot find it. You can't determine the sense of your life. These are only some examples of real-life loss.

The truth is that when you fell that you lost in everything, your compass determinant your way is broken. But don't worry, we can fix it.

First, just stop
Stay here for the moment and feel it. Calm down and focus on this what you're thinking. Consider what makes you feel happy, what brings you satisfaction and what makes you feel sad. Determine what is important for you. Let you pick everything that you feel out. Make a list of your priorities and stop dealing with irrelevant things. Seemingly it's nothing much but it can really help.

Do what you love
I know that in these times when school or work takes most of the time and after coming back home we just want to throw ourselves on the bed and never leave it, it could be difficult or even unattainable, but it's still worth it. It's worth to sacrifice something you love. Maybe you can find time in the afternoon or on weekends? Or maybe it's worth to throw out from your planner something unneeded behalf passion?

Become aware that you can be anything you want to be
You don't have to meet someone's expectations. It's your life, you have to live as you want. It's your choice in which direction you will go. Choose the best for you. Live how best you can.

Know yourself, love yourself, and be yourself!