"The Hate You Give Little Infants F's Everybody." Tupac Shakur


This movie was a whirlwind of emotion. At times you were laughing, others you were crying your heart out. But the most vivid emotion of all was fear.

Fear that that could be you. Or your dad. Maybe your brother. Fear that you could go through the same pain so many other families have gone through. But in spite of that fear you prevail and continue to share your truth.

'The Hate You Give' is a movie worth every second. It plays out the horrors young and old African-Americans face every day. It shows the strength of a young black woman fighting for what's right. More than anything it shows the importance of love.

Starr's love for Khalil was her motivator. She spoke for him, cried for him, and fought for him. She was his witness. But more than that she was his friend. Their history together makes you feel for both characters. Two lovable characters who were just starting to find the ground of their love for each other.

Their future was taken away from them. By a cop, who despite everything was not reprimanded. This is our society. Where an injustice can take place but everyone turns a blind eye. This is our system. A government that spouts lie after lie about equality. There is no true equality in a black kid getting shot while a white cop walks free. There is no justice nor is there any peace.

I wonder if hearts were moved by this movie (and book). I wonder if people found some sort of empathy. I wonder where our humanity has gone that we cannot find it in our hearts to feel sorrow. I wonder about so much of this world. But more importantly, I hope. And I will continue to share my opinion. Because words are a form of fighting for what's right. It is a voice that deserves to be heard.

So I thank Angie Thomas for helping to find my voice. And I hope that this movie and review have helped you find yours.