I wrote this whilst listening to Sea by BTS (Please play the song while reading this).

Basically, Y/N is really close to BTS. All of them are close friends. They grew together. And everyday they got closer.

But later on, while Y/N is out for the whole week, because of a "family outing" , The group of boys found a mail, from Y/N's mother, saying that she has a heart condition.

Her heart condition restricts her from feeling too much. Too happy, too sad. Not allowed to carry heavy stuff.

Because her heart can't pump enough blood to circulate if she doesn't follow these rules.

As cliche at it sounds, they feel their worlds crashing down.



The place was silent.

Taehyung is playing with his sweater and nibbling on his bottom lip as he stared at the center table as if something was so interesting about it.

Jimin just sat there, an annoyed look in his face. His eyes wandering around, refusing to look at any of the people gathered in the living room.

Jungkook's elbows are rested on his knees as his palms are rested on his eyes.

Yoongi sat there, fingers resting on his forehead as he closed his eyes, he may look like he's chill and layed back with the situation, but nobody knows that he's shattered inside.

Hoseok had his lips pursed. Shaking his legs. Waiting.

Namjoon looked at everyone, but no one wanted to meet his eyes.

Jin played with his bottom lip, breathing in and letting out a sigh before running his fingers through his hair. Frustrated.

"You all know we're doing this because this is the best for her. Nobody wanted this to happen."

He said breaking the ice of silence.

Some shifted in their seats.

Jimin lets out a bitter laugh shaking his head before speaking,

"Waking up like nothing happened."

"Waking up like she never stepped in our lives."

"Waking up like we were never there."

"Waking up being so clueless. Wanting questions to be answered."

"Waking up with nothing."

"Waking up with no one by her side."

"Yeah right, that really is the best for her and the best for us."

He shook his head in disbelief.

Everyone processed all the things that he said. They agreed with all of it. But they all know where all of this is going to end. They all know the answer.

A little sniff was heard followed by a whimper, Jungkook tried to stop, he tried to even out his breathing, but he coouldn't. He was choking from his spit, his palms her getting damp from the flowing tears escaping his eyes like it will never stop no matter what he does. His lips were trembling in a frown.

Hoseok, who was sitting beside him, comfort the younger and tried to whisper things for him to calm down.

Taehyung swallows a harsh lump down his throat, hell he forced it down.

The air was thick. They were suffocating. Everybody was hanging by a string, just a little more weight and it will snap, Breaking them all at once.

Jungkooks little whimpers and hiccups were hard to bear. Soon every one felt a sting in their heart, their nose itching, signaling them that hot tears were about to run down their cold cheeks.
The door opened.

"I swear to God I hate being soaked in the rain. The weather was mad at me today. It was a bad timing wearing my grey sweats, it turned dark grey! The umbrella was no help at all, the wind just blew the rain in every directio--"

She held her breath.

She didn't hear the giggles, and foot running around the place. She didn't see the TV screening Overwatch. She didn't hear the sizzling sound from the kitchen. She didn't see a sleeping body on the sofa.

Nobody was there.


The place was silent.