Okay I just want to make a disclaimer that these are purely my opinion and I want to acknowledge that everyone is entitled one so a lot of things for some things we wont agree on which is cool because everyone is different. Okay without further ado here are my 20 unpopular opinion.But, I SAID WHAT I SAID PERIODT

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#1 Not all celebrities but some or a good amount of them have been rude for no necessary reason like come on now you asked for this don't be mad because you now have fame and don't know how deal with it or handle it. Like some times I would watch interviews and the celebrities would just be so rude for no absolute reason like come on now.

#2 Along with that celebrities always talking about privacy but didn't you sign up with that? I have no feelings towards them when they whine and complain about how much it affects their kids like okay and what did you expect when you became famous maybe you should look in the messages and think about you life because i'm almost a thousand percent sure that there are people who would love to fill your shows so once again shut up.

#3 I don't see the hype about glazed doughnuts like they taste so plain like they're bareable but i'm just saying I would always wanna eat them tbh. Also, Dunkin Doughnuts are way better than Krispy Kream. btw jelly filled doughnuts are not good at all like that is the nasiest stuff ever.

#4 The city girls are underated as hell I love them and the message they send that female empowerment is real and I don't really know like I find them real and I love their flow.

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#5 Please for the love of God STOP with the bashing of the the Kardshians/Jenner family like all of them have done effed up things hands down but what celebrity hasn't??No matter if people like them or not they are smart and beautiful business women.

#6 All pie is nasty except sweet potato pie.

#7 TBH people need to stop over looking lil pump and Young thug because their both so freakin fine like hands down.

#8 Instagram has become the new news like people even watch the news any more everyone (including myself) gets their daily new from Instagram which isn't necessarily a bad thing im just saying that's the way the world is now.

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#9 XXXtentacion is discredited like I know for a fact that I am super late on this but I had to say it in this article but he is very discredited yes he has done some things that I would hope he's not proud about while he was alive but I am a person that belives you don't speak ill of the deceased and his music has helped people and impacted them in an amazing way.

#10 The new Disney and Nick are absolute trash now like I love the old movies and shows like Twitches or kim possible you know the originals but now they aren't so great and I honestly never thought that Disney would have the down fall that it did.

#11 Six flags is over hyped and is scary like I don't see how its fun to get a rollercoaster, feel like your gonna die and have fun while doing it.

#12 All babies are not cute I just think that they need to grow into their looks.

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#13 Cheesecake is nasty like I don't see the hype the only good cheesecake is the 35th anniversary from Cheesecake Factory.

#14 Trolling the internet is honestly for people that don't have lives like leaving ugly comments is uncessary.

#15 I love Nteflix but I feel like they could do better with their content like they take things off and I just don't get it.

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#16 The best chips are kettle baked

#17 Youtubers fake pranks and stuff for no reason like people can tell so theres no point in doing it.

#18 L&HH is trash now like the drama and plot lines are all thought out and it takes away from the entertainment.

#19 I don't trust parties to much be happening at them and I've watched to many movies.

#20 My final unpopular opinion is that the baby season is getting on my last nerve like everyone is having babies just so they can have gender reaveals and its so annoying this trend needs to be over with a quickness.

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