I have been dying to do this since forever and now i finally have time and I'm very excited so LETS GOOO!

Godly Parent:
Hermes, God of mischief, messengers, travelers and thieves and many, many more.

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I thought a lot about who my parent would be and Hermes seemed the most likely.


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Long dark hair, brown eyes, full eyebrows and dark skin. Hermes is the God of traveling so his children are often culturally diverse, fitting in with my Sri Lankan background.


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children of hermes are mischievous, so a long range weapon like a bow and arrow would be useful for surprising the enemy, also, a sword for a face to face encounter. (And those are the only two weapons that I somewhat know how to use).


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if i went to camp half blood i feel like my personality would be much more carefree, i wouldn't feel the need to make good grades and try and change the world, i would feel satisfied by going on quests and defeating evil. This would give me more free time to be free and have fun.


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Luke Castellan - half brother
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Connor and Travis Stoll - half brothers

Evanna - Daughter of Dionysus

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she's my best friend and she's intoxicated 24/7

Timothy- Son of Demeter

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Timothy likes Eva, Eva thinks she'll break Timmy's heart :(

Louis - Son of Apollo

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he's mine ;)
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The Apollo, Dionysus and Hermes Cabins get together and throw the best camp parties and impromptu road trips

Just Hermes Cabin things : Hermes kids don't have many cool powers but we use our cunning to get our way.

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Higher athletic ability and comprehension of possible dangers, skilled at theft and trickery, cunning. Good with money, can run at higher speeds, we are the go to person for travel advice, "jack of all trades", and we are very hospitable.
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Also our shoes and hats sprout wings when we want them to so we can fly anytime (not at high altitudes, and we can't reach Jason's speeds), Hermes kids are in charge of Camp Half Blood's Postal service and always have the best pranks.

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