Everyone gets bored and you don't know what to do. So here are some things to kill the boredness.

Organize your room

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I know it sounds boring but its fun cause you find things you thought you had lost, and you feel satisfied after you finish.

WrITE more on WHI

I will write at leat once a week. It is fun for me it may be for you too.

Go on a walk

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You can take your pet .

Create your playlist

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Or maybe not just for yourself

Make a movie marathon

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My favs is with the Harry Potter movies

Cook something healthy

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You can eat in this case. So its win to win.

Build a fort

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This is one of the best things that I do, you can do it in sleepovers,

Explore somewhere new

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It can be very far away, maybe abroad, taking tha last fly. But if you are broke as me you just can explore any place near you.

Try a new hobby

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I have been very into in art lately, in painting mostly.

Take a photoshoot

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It is much fun with your friends, you can take silly photos too

I hope you liked this article, and i hope it was at least helpful for anything.
See you next time.

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