Hello beautiful hearters,
I like a lot tags like this, so I decided to do one, so let's start.

A- AGE: 22

balloons, birthday, and girl image 22, birthday, and birthdaygirl image 22 image 22, birthday, and birthday cake image

B- BIRTHDAY: April 18th.

april, bullet journal, and art image

C- COLOR: Red and black.

cake, red, and heart image red, flowers, and converse image fashion, outfit, and black image fashion, black, and outfit image


coffee, autumn, and fall image coffee, drink, and chocolate image Image removed aesthetic, artsy, and autumn image

E- EVERYDAY STARTS WITH: Checking my phone.

Image removed

F- FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza and fries.

cheese, delicious, and food image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed food, delicious, and fries image

G- GREATEST PASSIONS: Reading and shopping.

nails, book, and jewelry image book, coffee, and reading image autumn, fall, and madrid image pink, bag, and shopping image

H- HAIR: Straight dark brown and long hair.

fashion style, outfit clothes, and brune brunette image girl, bed, and sleep image girl, tumblr, and adidas image Image removed

I- IN LOVE WITH: TV shows and music.

riverdale, food, and series image Serena Van Der Woodsen image Image by Anna Poghosyan Image removed

J- JOB: Tourist guide.

city, monaco, and light image Temporarily removed tattoo, egypt, and girl image travel, plane, and sky image

K- KIDS: In future I want to have two kids, a boy and a girl.

baby, beautiful, and boy image baby, family, and girl image boy, couple, and family image baby, cute, and smile image


quotes, sad, and lonely image college, concentrate, and important image college, maths, and motivation image funny, math, and meme image

M- Makeup: Natural make up and nude or bold lip.

girl, beauty, and makeup image red, heart, and lips image ^^ and bm natural image contour, cool, and lips image

N- Nails: I like nude nails, red or sparkly nails.

nails, chanel, and perfume image nails, red, and glitter image nails, rings, and Nude image nails, red, and style image

O- ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS: Be alright-Justin Bieber.

angel, believe, and calm image wallpaper, lockscreen, and justin image alone, arms, and believe image JB, justin bieber, and kidrauhl image

P- PERSONALITY: I*m friendly and nice to people who are nice to me.Most of the times I*m sarcastic and I*m very loyal.

quotes, meme, and funny image Image removed quotes, grunge, and smoke image Image removed

Why I can't sleep at night?
Why are people mean?
what if I...

anime, bed, and French Fries image
Temporarily removed Image removed

R- REASONS TO SMILE: I'm healthy and I have amazing family and friends.

nike, fitness, and fit image friendship, best friends, and girl image riverdale, lili reinhart, and camila mendes image love, couple, and baby image

S- SIBLINGS: One younger brother.

Image removed baby, royal family, and love image

T- TV SHOW: Riverdale.

riverdale, veronica lodge, and cheryl blossom image Image removed riverdale, cole sprouse, and kj apa image autumn, cozy, and riverdale image


dolphin, animal, and sea image Image by Alyssa McIntosh Image by raizdetodobem dolphin, bubbles, and animal image

V- VACATION SPOT: Istanbul or Kapadokya, Turkey.

istanbul image istanbul, muslim, and turkey image kapadokya image kapadokya image

W- WORST HABIT: Doing everything at last minut.

funny, life, and meme image

X- X-RAYS: Arm and lungs.

Image by 🌻✞Spring Girl✞🌻 Image by ThayCezaro


bedroom, design, and interior image Image by Ronni mills room, bedroom, and decor image interior, bedroom, and home image


Image by raizdetodobem aries, astrology, and zodiac image Temporarily removed aries, beautiful, and personality image

That's all for this article. I hope you guys like it. See you soon with new article.

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