• Love & Friendship
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Beautiful young widow Lady Susan comes to the estate of the family of her deceased husband to wait until they cease to talk about her adventures in high society and figure out how to improve their financial situation. Without wasting time, she decides to find a rich husband for herself and her young daughter. In the course are not only beauty and charm, but also a keen mocking mind and incredible talent to weave intrigue.
  • The Dairy of a Teenage Girl
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The story of a teenage girl living in San Francisco in the 70s who started an affair with her mom's boyfriend. Heavy, ambiguous film, leaving a sticky aftertaste and a lot of food for thought.
  • Sliding Doors
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In the fate of the young Englishwoman Helen, the turning point was the moment when she caught the train. That is, in one reality it happened, but in parallel - it was late and the carriage doors closed right before the nose. How events developed further and whether Helen was worth it to rush that day — a film that pulls into a whirlpool of various events will throw the audience tips on these questions.
  • Revolutionary Road
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The film takes place in the mid-50s, the main characters are members of a small provincial family. Frank and April Wheeler consider themselves to be a middle-class family, unlike other families, and have a great desire to move to Paris. However, fate has prepared for the spouses a number of unpleasant surprises...
  • Begin again
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They live in the heart of the music world, in New York. Dan is a showbiz legend and former head of a music label. Greta - musician and ex-girlfriend of a rock star. But people are the former and are in order to start all over again. A chance encounter with Greta gives Dan a new chance. They decide to record an album together. They have neither money, nor professional musicians, but all this is not important, because Greta and Dan are ready for the most unexpected turns both in music and in love. Their studio is the whole of New York.
  • How To Be Single
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Tired of living with her boyfriend, Alice leaves him, moves in with her older sister Meg, finds a new job and acquires a new friend, Robin. The latter turns out to be a passionate fan of the night "anneals" and is trying to draw Alice into her insane life, although she prefers formal and long-term relationships to drunk acquaintances at parties.
  • In Her Shoes
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Irresponsible and frivolous Maggie Feller settles with her older sister Rose, who works as a lawyer and follows strict rules throughout. The trouble starts with the fact that Maggie pulls into his bedtime boyfriend Rose.
  • Blue Valentine
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Love is like a ladder - you can climb it high, feeling incredible bliss and happiness, and you can quickly fall down from frustration and resentment. Dean and Cindy "bathed" in their love, but after a while they were fed up with this feeling. Inexplicably, it was transformed and became a burden. Will the two loved ones be able to keep and revive the fragile relations of love and passion that they have left?
  • Miss You Already
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Millie and Jess are best friends, they have known each other all their lives. Now they are a little over forty, and their relationship is to be tested for strength when Millie is seriously ill.
  • The Break-Up
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When Brooke and Gary decided to end the relationship, everything seemed simple and straightforward. Did not get along. This happens. And even pretty often. However, neither the one nor the other wanted to hurry and leave their old spot first. The pause dragged on. Friends and confidants came from both sides. The war began.

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