hey everyone! school has been really stressful and so I haven't been writing as many articles but here are some ideas for halloween costumes

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🤡 pennywise the clown
if you can do special effects makeup then pennywise or any clown can be a great option

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👻 angel/devil
I know that a lot of people go as devils and angels but if you want to do something with your best friend or partner then it can turn out soo cute

girl, Devil, and Halloween image Temporarily removed

💅 clueless
get together some girlfriends and go as cher, dionne and tai

cool, costume, and girls image alicia silverstone, Clueless, and cher horowitz image

🦄 unicorn
going as a unicorn for halloween can give you an excuse to play around with holographic makeup and glitter!

Image by Yessnia_hmara friends, unicorn, and bff image

🎃 the joker
all you need is some green temporary hair dye and red lipstick, this one is great if you already have tattoos as well

☠️ skeleton
you can make this costume elegant or tacky- you could wear all black or lace to make it more dramatic

Halloween, skeleton, and spooky image Image removed

thanks for reading!