I love the WHI community and how it allows for us to be diverse and open about who we are and what we like. This community allows us to be our selves and its like my safe haven to be who I want and I find it relaxing and calming. Anyways these are some of the things that I would like to see for the community to grow.(So these are just 5 things that I would love to see in the future of the WHI community.)

#1 I would like to have it to where we can create articles on our phones like I feel like this way I don't have to bring my computer every time I have an idea I could just use my phone. I think this is a good idea for the people who don't have a computer or don't bring theirs everywhere like myself.

#2 With the idea of being able to create them on my phone we could save them as drafts and be able to get back to them whenever we can we could have several article ideas open if we want.

#3 As far as the pictures we could save the image we would like to add and be able to crop it to the size we would like and put it in the position to our liking I think this would be a good concept for people who don't want it to be just a straight image and they want to be more creative with their image and article styles.

#4 I think we should be able to do different fonts to make our articles all the more creative and personal and fun. We could do different colors with the fonts or whatever now I know this one sounds a bit kidish to some but I really like custom fonts and cool things like this plus its a really good way to make a fun article (like lists with different colors if people want.)

#5 I would also like to see a popular uploads section in the future of this app reason being I don't really have a clue about the content that people like of mine so I think this would be a way for people to see what people would like to see more of in my posts.

Thanks for reading and by the way these are just suggestions of things that I would love to see in the future of this app.