These days -i don't know why but-i am so exhausted.Like i just want to sleep non-stop.İ don't have so much workload or anyting just i am getting up pretty early and i don't have time for breakfast and my lessons becoming more and more long.
The funny thing i am a french student and i have only 3 days full of lessons.İ am saying 'come on man that's nothing,there are people who working much more harder than you'.
Still whatever i do i just can't get of from being tired.Maybe the changing weather or maybe the people in my university(so much voice and people everywhere) making me like this.İ even started a new education program whis has to keep me motivated(program is an english language program in my school which you have to pass a a test to enter and i did)Okey i am not a very succesful student but i am trying but this tiredness just killing me inside.İ have to get out of my summer-vibe.Or i am going to fail in everything.(Sorry for my english.)