boy image

Name: Leo Kornel
Nickname: everyone just call him Leo
Birthday: September 21th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Virgo


boy, Hot, and sexy image eyes, blue, and toni mahfud image glasses, photography, and hipster image Temporarily removed
brown hair, blue eyes, glasses and a big smile
Everyday I ask myself how people can use glasses as an ascessory
-Leo, 2:09 am 2018


fashion image boy, pink, and plants image autumn, fashion, and fall image beanies image
just sweaters, jeans and sometimes a beannie
You can give me a trash bag to wear and I'll still look handsome
-Leo to Adam, 8:12 pm 2018


quotes, kind, and words image Temporarily removed positive, think, and quote image quotes, fly, and fall image
calm, positive, kind, dreamy, creative
If you continue to complain about everything I'll stop helping you with math and just get out through that door
-Leo to Emma, 5:56 pm 2018


asos, flowers, and headgehog image Image removed cute, animal, and hedgehog image Temporarily removed
a headgehog called Lisa


music, boy, and guitar image netflix, room, and bed image Temporarily removed books image
make music, play the guitar and sing, watch series, cook, read


article, food, and laptop image music, vintage, and photography image Image removed Temporarily removed 90s, bands, and grunge image autumn, breakfast, and coffee image
netflix, music, vinyls, coffee, movie theater, intruments
OH YES I finally found this vinyl! How much is it?
-Leo, 3:15 pm 2018

Best Friends

boy, manu rios, and tumblr image eat, food, and thai image
Adam Dallas
style, black, and fire image Temporarily removed
Emma Cortney
party, grunge, and friends image friends image girl, grunge, and party image grunge, ghost, and indie image
Guys, we are here to study, not to destroy my house
-Leo, 3:24 pm 2018


girl, hair, and style image Temporarily removed couple, love, and hands image book, bibliophile, and pin image
Aurora Laccasse
Just made a new music! And guess what... it's for you! Come here.
-Leo to Aurora, 9:03 pm 2018


indie, cosmetics, and girl image aesthetic, beige, and brown image books and coffee image Image removed book, library, and brown image brown image
Mom? I want to learn to play guitar!
-Leo to his mother, 2:16 pm 2004