Hello! These are a couple of my favorite winter things.


I'm actually from a buddhist and jewish household, but since we live in Europe it's looking pretty christian here. Feel free to tell me how you prepare for Hanukkah etc., because I'm actually very curious!

  • write a beautiful wishlist for Christmas
  • go to a Christmas market
  • make an advent calendar for your best friend
  • listen to the Christmas-themed vinyls again
  • hang up stockings (maybe even knit your own stockings?)
  • make presents
  • watch Christmas movies
  • play secret Santa

Cold Weather

  • have a snowball fight
  • drink hot chocolate
  • bake cookies
  • buy some new vinyls
  • wear your favorite sweaters
  • create a playlist

New Years Eve

  • write anonymous little notes for the people that were nice to you this year and hide them in their stuff
  • write down your aspirations (note to self: and don't loose them again, as always, you little shit)
  • be kissed at midnight (one day please)

Happy Winter! I hope you enjoyed.

Lots of love,