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Why social skills are so important?

I'm the type of person who really enjoys her alone time. However even if you were an introvert like me, we all need social interactions. All kinds of relationships can make us feel good and bring us energy. Other people can also give us peer support and make us feel fellowship. That's why social skills play a big part in our wellbeing.

Social skills are also important when it comes to our careers. Importance of social networking is growing and I'm pretty sure those people who have great social network, will do well in their careers in the future.

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Healthy relationships

Sometimes relationships and friendships seem so overwhelming and we don't know what to do with them. We fight, argue and sometimes hurt one another. Bad relationships can bring down our energy and really weigh us down. So what is a healthy relationship?

I believe everything was meant to be simple in this world. We make relationships harder because we want to define them and set limits. But what if we were just meant to enjoy the moment and learn from our relationships? Everything that is meant to be will be effortlessly. You don't have to try too hard.

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I have learned that good self esteem helps with relationships. Once you realize your value, you won't let people in your life that doesn't appreciate you as you are. No one should ask you to change and you can't ask anyone else to change for you.

Everything has its right time and place. Most of the times things don't go as we planned and the same is with our relationships. Trust that everything and everyone has a reason to be in your life. Either they are meant to be there or they are going to teach you a lesson. If you get hurt, remember that lesson and accept and embrace your feelings. There's nothing wrong with you, it just wasn't your time yet.

So lets try to meet new people next week or at least be kind to those who already are in our lives. Thanks for reading! :)