You return like autumn,
and I fall every time
- faraway
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This is a small list of things you can do this season. For some of them it would probably nicest to have a friend, family member or partner around.

  • try to catch those last rays of sunshine
  • start a diary (I started my new one in september, loving how it's turning out)
  • dance around in your apartment (autumn is the season where my parents turn the record player on again)
life starts
all over again
when it get's crisp
in the fall
F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • carve pumpkins for Halloween (personally, I love carving pumpkins, making a thousand possible designs beforehand and then choosing this year's one)
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  • make pumpkin soup (it's a rather difficult soup though, so if you're not feeling up to the challenge, you can also order it in a café or restaurant)
  • bake a pie on a cold day, and eat it outside while it's still warm, wearing a comfortable sweater and warm socks
  • host or attend a Halloween-Party (I've never been invited to an actual party with alcohol, party games and loud music. personally I'm cool with that bc it isn't really my sort of thing, but it would be nice to be invited at least lmao)
Autumn killed summer
The summer with
The softest kiss.
  • movie marathon (this is a nice alternative to the halloween party. clearly you can also watch a show, if it doesn't have to many seasons (or just settle on one season))
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and yes, I know pumpkin soup is orange, it's just for the aesthetic lmao
  • celebrate Thanksgiving (if you live somewhere it's very common you might be doing this anyway but I live in Europe and only celebrate it because of my American father, and I highly recommend this. It's so much fun to invite your friends and neighbors over and talk about successes and struggles of the year with them)
and the sun took a step back,
the leaves lulled themselves to sleep
and autumn was awakened.
Raquel Franco
  • go bowling (in my family we do this once a year, and that happens to be in autumn)
  • start a new instrument or learn something new in general (autumn seems like the best season to me, because school isn't that time consuming and difficult yet. I want to learn the guitar and the constellations this autumn)
  • take a walk (oh, I just love autumn air)
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  • read poetry and classics (it's just such an autumn thing to do)
Autumn shows us
how beautiful it is to
let things go.
  • draw (I always find myself doodling on every piece of paper that I am given)
  • eat dinner with candles instead of electronic light
  • play cards (I actually love playing cards, especially when I'm in camps)
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  • make a playlist
  • go to the theatre (my siblings are both actors so I go to their shows all the time (last time was actually today lmao) but I just enjoy it in general an signed up for some school theatre projects etc)
  • go to an art gallery
  • celebrate passover (I live in a buddhist household, but my jewish father insists on this, again, and it's really awesome. We invite people of as many different religions as possible and the discussions are really interesting)
You fell in love with my flowers but not with my roots, so when Autumn arrived, you didn't know what to do.
-via thugahontas
  • go camping
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I hope this was at least a little inspiring and you have some new ideas.

Lots of love,