Being rejected may be one of the biggest fears people have. Expressing your feeling towards someone and being turn down is “humiliating” because you open up to someone, you show how vulnerable you are. In our society expressing feelings you have for someone are signs of being weak and that affects specially boys.

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Since childhood, boys indirectly know that they have an advantage, certain privilege that girls don´t have: they can wear whatever they want to and go wherever they want to at any time. Society teaches them that they can accomplish and have everything because of its gender, so when a girl reject them, they can´t believe how they could have picked her if they have the possibility of have anyone.

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So they started to talk behind her back and want everyone to know that she is a slut. Obviously, they aren´t the only one that does this, girls still be saying how little his genitals were or what an asshole they guy was. Pride has an important role here because no one wants to look less than the others. However, in my personal experience I see how boys ruin the reputation of girls just because they reject them.

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Also, when we complain about our rights as women, there´s always a guy that said that we friendzone them like if it was a tragedy. And the worst part, is that the girl is always the villain. Like “how could you say no to him if he´s so nice with you” or “you will never find a guy like him” are things that are said to her trying to make her change her mind.

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I think that confessing your love to someone requires lots of courage and confidence. But you have to know that whatever the decision they made the only thing you could do is respect it. And if someone propose to you, remember that it´s your choice and that you don´t owe him anything. Don´t feel guilty for making a decision.

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Apologies for any grammar mistake, I´m not a native English speaker.


Frau Neuer
Frau Neuer