I was standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus, going nowhere in particular. And I didn't even notice you at first. You were just another pretty face in a crowd. Standing there with your friends laughing away. I think you didn't even notice me at that moment.

girl, bus, and alone image

As I got on to the bus I took a sit and I saw you. Your eyes looking at mine. I still don't know how is it possible that you noticed me in such a big crowd. I guess I was lucky...

and as soon as our eyes met we smiled and both looked away.
In less than a minute it happened again.
You looked at me,
I looked at you,
we smiled,
we looked away.

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Suddenly the bus started moving and all I could do was give you one last smile before the bus drove away. You really made my day and I hope we can do this again someday.

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And the next day I came to the bus stop, at the same time and guess what.
You were there.
But yesterdays events didn't repeat themselves.
And then is when I learned
"thing never happen the same way twice"

Yours truly