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It's fall! (for a month already, I know I'm a bit late). It's time for tea, blankets and candles! But the thing I'm most excited for is the music. In the summer I like to listen to energetic and upbeat songs, but in the fall time I like slower and calm songs. So today, I'm gonna share my fall playlist with you!

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bloom - the paper kites
stuck with me - the neighbourhood
autumn leaves - ed sheeran
only love - ben howard
bobby - youth lagoon

carry your will - the mowgli's
talk me down - troye sivan
bravado - lorde
robbers- the 1975
heirloom - sleeping at last

zebra - beach house
two ghosts - harry styles
the rain - oh wonder
not with haste - mumford and sons
home - hollow coves

tenerife sea - ed sheeran
holoscene - bon iver
tiger striped sky - roo panes
banana pancakes - jack johnson
back to autumn - tall heights

sweater weather - the neighbourhood
like real people do - hozier
waiting room - rex orange county
changes - longhorne slim
real peach - henry jamison

This playlist is available on my spotify! You can follow it here: https://open.spotify.com/user/mara.tw/playlist/6BnwApXS1RQCSgpPaV5CzB?si=m3ODQwLWRMer55jVFqUKEA

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That was it for this article, hope you liked it!

-`ღ´- Love, Mara (@indigoIights)