- in this article i'm gonna guide you to escaping the world.

• books

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I think one of the best ways to escape the bad things in your life is reading a book.Some of you might not like reading, but, if you start reading there is a huge chance that you're gonna get deep into it.The best way to learn something new and productive, or smarter is reading books.You can learn more about history, art, music, crime,...And then, when you finish reading..the book remains a piece of your soul.

• diary

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It might sound cliché, but writing a diary is like giving a part of your life to someone. Like telling a friend about your past, present, future...Your thoughts on something, what you like,..A friend that keeps your secrets, your memories, good and bad..

• stars

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Looking at the mesmerizing night sky is an unexplainable feeling of freedom for me.It sets your soul free, like a bird flying with its wings wide open,..Breathing in and out life,and feeling full of it.

• music

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I listen to music that mostly matches my mood. Honestly, I listen to rock and metal songs, but feel the need to sometimes listen to indie music. I find it really calming.The only pop singer I ADORE is Lana Del Rey; a true queen.So, escaping the world (mostly because you're sad/depressed,like me) would be nicer if you listen to songs that really match your mood.

• shower

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Showering or taking a bath can be calming, and you can cry all you want, as water washes all of your face.Sing your soul while showering, clear your mind and thoughts.Let your feelings go and set yourself free.

• pets

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Your little best friend, that never leaves you.It doesn't matter if it's a cat or a dog, a fish or a parrot, a bunny or a hamster, a tortoise or a hedgehog...It's your little baby angel, your little listener, your companion. I'm not a dog nor a cat person; that's kind of dumb, honestly, 'cause not all dogs and cats are the same or treated the same. I grew up with both cats and dogs, but mostly cats.I know dogs are good animals, I had a few cases where they almost bit my leg or arm.Same for cats, they want attention, and if you do give them it, you'll get it back. They're both cute pets and companions as same for the other pets.

• videos

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Funny videos or movies can get you in a really better mood, making you forget why you were sad, angry or depressed.I mean, it's not like depression just fades away and it goes away from your life (if it does, just like that, you were just over reacting and you didn't have depression)..But at least for a moment, you'll feel happy.
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