three months ago a guy broke up with me, and my little perfect world fell apart.
for the following month I was struggling with myself, the world and especially love.
I didn't know what I should do or feel and to be honest it was a very hard time.
but time changes sometimes very slowly and sometimes as fast as possible.
I think that's life and I'm very thankful for that time, 'cause I learned who I wanna be and I think I finally grew up to that person that I want to be, a confident strong woman who knows what she wants. When I think about that relationship today I know and can accept that not everything was perfect, to be honest it wasn't a very healthy relationship but I was so blind with love that I didn't see the flaws and I think it's important that we should accept these flaws and accept that it came like it should be.
Because now I'm very thankful for that heartbreak, it taught me a lot of things and I'm feeling better than ever.
So this goes out to all the people that are heartbroken, it will be better and you have to give yourself time to come over it and sweetie I promise you, you will.
a week ago I met a new guy, without any hopes or goals. it was just a night out and this guy were there by me and we laughed at jokes and talked for the whole evening and then I felt a feeling that I didn't know for a long period of time it was that exciting breathtaking feeling when you met that person and both of you know that this evening will change something in your life.
and so now I'm sitting in my bed and write this article of the story of my heartbreak and it feels so so good to share this with you guys 'cause nobody deserves this feeling of heartbreak.