If you have ever played a video game or an online/pc game, you know most of them to have a leveling system. You start as a newbie, from level 0; then you build up your skills advancing towards max level; and all the goodies that come with it.

We, humans, evolve in a similar manner. But you know what?... whispers … I am not a philosopher. So, let me skip human evolution and things I learned in school, but already forgot.

This article is for us, and about us, women. let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

First level

We are born; we grow

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The cute baby girls, Mom and Dad’s little angels, auntie’s sweet pie.

Some years later, we are hit by a truck called puberty, which comes packed with many physical and emotional changes.

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Not long after that, comes adulthood, with a league full of life-changing decisions, mistakes, fun, adventures, bills, random stuff, and repeat.

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And if we are lucky, we will accomplish the optimum achievement; we become elderly.

Second level

The crude reality

Somewhere in our young years, we learn about the beautiful aspects of becoming and being a woman. We also start to notice how the system “works”. The labels some of us are given.

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Society wants to limit us, and I’m not talking about a “men against women” kind of thing. A society is made of both, male and females. And if they want to, some women will do anything to bring other women down.

But that's not the type of women we should aspire to be. Be women who seek, learn, thrive, teach and help those who can’t.

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Virago (n)
A strong, brave, or warlike woman; a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities

Discover yourself

Something amazing happens when we realize our value; when we discover ourselves and know what we are made of.

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What being a woman means to you?

Young girls should grow knowing that every human being is valuable. And we, as women, are much more than a duty to our families, we are greater than a physical appearance; we are not a label; we are beautiful in all our different ways.

We are a temple

Fall in love with your architecture; with the skin that shapes you.

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We are of nature

Like rain we fall; like the sun we rise. We are like a rainbow; gradients of different spectrums.

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We are flora

We are seeds, we grow, we bloom. and in “motherhood season” we bear fruit.

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We are fauna

A wild thing we are; creatures of mystery.

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We are celestial

There is stardust in our DNA. We are the universe itself, birthing light and future.

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Quaintrelle (n.)
A woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, >charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures.

Third level

Non-Physical Strength

“we are born wise, we are born complete.” —Yogi Tea tag …

I drink tea from this brand almost every day, and when I see this sentence, it makes me think… I don’t fully disagree with the statement, because children are highly intelligent. But I believe wisdom is acquired with the years; as we grow old.

Men or woman; it’s always such a joy to hear older people talk, it’s like their tongue has been blessed with wisdom.

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Haven’t you experience the wanting to meet an older person, just because you heard them talking somewhere or read about them? It is like, they have some sort of wise presence to them? I had.

They are the people who lived all previous levels and continue to be blessed with life and knowledge. They possess a strength that is not physical. They are to be admired and respected.

Leave traces to remember where you came from

I feel like the internet is loaded with so much unnecessary-pretend-wisdom. It shouldn’t be like that because those who seek inspiration deserve realness, even if it's not the savviest thing they have read. And those who seek to inspire, deserve to see their true self and their personal growth.

Not the wise woman

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Whenever I write something that aims to inspire, I always like to clarify that I am not wiser. Because I am not. I’m just a woman who writes poetry from imaginary visions mixed with real feelings, I write about things I love, I write about things I relate to and inspire me. To Inspire. But whatever I write, even if it sounds silly, I do write it with heart.

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I wish to live as many stages of my life as possible. Grow old with lessons and experiences, so that I, somehow, can help younger generations, with whatever wisdom I may earn within my years.

As a woman, young or mature, know your worth and value others.

Thank you for reading!

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~ Clairel Estevez
Clairel Estevez
Clairel Estevez
This Article was Written by @Clairel_Estevez on the We Heart It Writers Team.