Main information

Korean name: 킴 아름 / Kim Areum.

Areum (Hangul: 킴 아름): Beauty.

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Stage name: Areum.
Nickname: Ara.
Real name: Ebru Deniz.
Birthplace: Germany, Munich.
Height: 1.60 cm.
Line: 00.
Weight: 59 kg.
Zodiac: Leo.
Personality: sarcastic, can come off as intimitading but is actually very sweet and cool. can make you laugh easily.
Skills: fluent in German, Turkish, Korean and English; is currently learning Japanese and Chinese with the help of her members.


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unique; brown/black hair


Group name: Euphoria.
Fandom: Joys.
Genre: Hip hop, K-pop, R&B
Concept: Girl Crush. (Mix of Blackpink, Kard, (G)i-dle, Mamamoo and Sistar.)
Position: Main Vocalist, Dancer, Visual, Maknae.

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aesthetically pleasing MVs

The group consists of 5 members from Korea, China, Germany, Japan and Korea~

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Park Ji-eun, Kim Boa, Kim Areum, Jeon Hana, Min Nari

Rap line: Kim Boa, Min Nari
Vocal line: Park Ji-eun, Kim Areum, Jeon Hana
Dance line: Park Ji-eun, Kim Areum, Min Nari
Maknae line: Kim Areum, Jeon Hana, Min Nari
Unnie line: Park Ji-eun, Kim Boa
Visual line: Park Ji-eun, Kim Areum


- passionate.
- persistent.
- creative.
- fun.
- cool.
- art and fashion lover.
- adventurous.
- affectionate.
- sensible.
- sincere.
- a babygirl.

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Fun facts

- kpop enthusiast.
- owns a bunnie named 'kookie'. he loves cookies.
- has a crush on jeon jungkook from bts but doesn't talk about it much because gets shy about it.
- craves strawberry milk and sushi every day.
- loves wine because it looks fancy.
- stans western group 'little mix' and her favorite is jade!

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- watching kdramas and animes.
- reading.
- writing songs.
- learning new dance choreographies.
- going out to eat with friends.
- late night car drives.

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Misook (Moon)

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Nayoung (Nancy)

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Dowon (Do)

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Hyuntae (Tae)

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Casual, Sporty, Oversized, either very colorful or black / white and brown

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Dresses or skirts are a must. She also likes to keep her hair open.

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In whatever she feels comfortable but also really pretty.

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Hope you enjoyed reading it as much I did writing it! I'm planning on writing a pt. 2 where I introduce the members and the debut album!