Hi guys! i don't know what to say, but i want you to have a good day and enjoy the ocktober and of course life :) okay let's do this

Age: 18

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Birthday: August 26st 🌞

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Color: blue

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Desserts: strawberries and cream, milkshakes, cheesecake

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Everyday Starts With: computer and finding clothes

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I have the same jacket as in the first picture :D

Flower: Peonies and cherry blossoms

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Game of thrones

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Hair: straight blonde with bangs and a little bit pink (but it's almost gone)

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Inspiration: Max Black

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she's strong badass and funny and takes no bullshit from you, i want to be like her

Job of my Dreams: a singer

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There's nothing on k

Life Goals:

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i like to try different colors and styles but i have usually very simple and minimalistic look, i still need to learn


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I study for beauty care and we can't have long nails because it wouldn't feel good for the customer, especially when we rub, so those nails are only in my dreams

One of my favourite songs: Dagny - too young

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but i'm actually very kind to everyone

Questions i ask:

- What's wrong with me?
- does somebody like me?
- do they want to be with me?
- what if..

Reason to Smile:

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that there are many things what i'm gonna discover in the future and i'm grateful for my friends and family and that everything will be okay eventually


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Tv show:

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AHS and Rupaul's drag race

Underwater Animal:

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Vacation Spot:

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Worst habit:

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X-rays: had when i was younger

your favorite drink: ice tea


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thank you and have a good day