˗ ˏ ˋ Hi everyone! ˎ ˊ ˗

Wow, it's been so long since i wrote something on here! Probably around 6/7 months? The reason I stopped writing and hearting was because I felt so uninspired to write stuff and I ran out of ideas.

But I've decided to come back and make some changes! For starters I changed my username and layout. My content will change too: from now on I'll write about 1 thing: music. Most of the articles will be playlist ideas, but I'll write other music related ones! My music taste is mainly indie / alternative, with some pop. So if you like that you should stay tuned for my future articles :)

I know it's almost the end of october, but I'm still uploading my september playlist because I really love that one!
So here it is:

blue, indie, and ocean image beach, ocean, and theme image

nadir - tender
mess is mine - vance joy
bee sting - the wombats
babel - mumford and sons
all we ever knew - the hand and the heart

resonance - home
dancing on glass - st. lucia
shrike - hozier
overgrown - oh wonder
my blood - twenty one pilots

better off - ariana grande
come back to earth - mac miller
bloom - the paper kites
stuck with me - the neighbourhood
blazed - ariana grande

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That was it for this article, hope you liked it!

-`ღ´- Love, Mara (@indigoIights)