Heya there tv show lovers,
This autumn there are some bombasszz tv shows releasing a new season or premiering. So I decided I'm gonna share my sweet picks with you today! :)

1. Daredevil

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ヅ I started watching Daredevil earier this month and I LOVED IT. I finished the first season and I'm just starting the second.. just in time for the release of s3 yay. Love the whole cast and everything about this show. Where can I get my own Matt Murdock by the way?

2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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ヅ This baby right here! I loved the original show back when I was a kid and I can't wait to see this version of our favourite witch Sabrina! Plus I'm in the halloween mood sooo... ;)

3. Jessica Jones

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I've only heard great reviews for this one so I'm gonna be giving it a chance this season and see if it's really THAT good (i hope it is because I love Krysten Ritter).

4. The Gifted

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So if you haven't figured out yet YES I am a big Marvel fan - both of the shows and the movies. Furthermore I 100% SUPPORT THIS SHOW. I loved the first season and I can't wait to watch the second one.. I know there are some episodes out already, but here in my country it's starting on 1st of November so I'm going to wait it out. don't spoil :)

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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I've seen the hype for this one. So many celebrities and people support it.. It has great reviews and I've seen clips that are hella funny. I was going to start watching it over the summer, BUT I somehow didn't oops :)) So autumn give me power to finally begin with it..

6. Lucifer

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I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN IT GOT PICKED UP BY NETFIX I love love lOVE this show. Lucifer Morningstar is my baby and I'm going to protect him at all cost :). Deckerstar is finally rising. Everything is poppin' with this show - humour, cast, plot EVERYTHING! I need to catch up with s3 because I was half way through the season when I stopped i don't know why.. but I'm ready for December and s4 :') !

Conclusion *

These were my 6 babies that I'm going to go through this autumn hopefully. Thank you for reading to those who got this far again. I hope you give this shows a shot like me because they are FIRE.
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Have a great day / night <3