Developing your own personal style can be fun. We live in a world where any outfit can be purchased by a tap on a screen. We can also easily get lost between magazine page tearing, fashion blog scrolling or pinterest browsing. All of this can be such an inspiring pure fun, but finding your own style can also take years, if not decades. We all know how difficult it is to be unique, especially when it seems as if everyone wears the same trends.

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You want to make the style a reflection of your personality. Fashion fades but your personal story and style, well, they are eternal. Wear what feels the most you, what feels the most natural. There is no right or wrong.

So many barriers between us and our personal style. Fashion magazines, social media, bloggers, movies, tv shows, money, celebs, marketing campaigns, 50 foot billboards, dress codes, and many many other things. I always say that style is essentially a reflection of who we are on the inside- and I find it hard to believe that everyone is the same on the inside, and yet a lot of us seem to dress like it.

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I've wanted to write about this for ages! Here, I've collected together some little tips that may help you with the process of finding your own style.


You have to discover what is aesthetically pleasing to you. Is it the rich, dark colored tones of a brick wall, neon lights or black colored buildings and muscle cars? Do you take photos of night skies or sparkly makeup looks? It is all about what you find beautiful. If you love grunge, vintage style of the 90s, dress like this. Create a whi collection and heart some edgy fashion. High waisted jeans, doc martens, all the essentials you want to include in your wardrobe. If you like Rihanna's sense of style, create a collection dedicated to animal prints and leather with high heels and chic sunglasses. If you can't decide on what you like, just heart anything that catches your attention, be honest with yourself and don't over think.

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I feel like this one is pretty typical. I don't want you to copy someone else's style but rather become inspired by their confidence and comfort with their choices in fashion. Sometimes, admiring people's outfits on the street, in the coffee shops, restaurants can be really encouraging. Visit random vintage thrift shops, find inspiration and your muses. Stay true to your nature and remember that your wardrobe should be representative of the type of person you're striving to be.

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Once you decide to give your wardrobe a makeover, it's time to clean out your old closet. You don't want to get frustrated rummaging through a pile of clothes, trying to figure out what to wear. It's pointless and time consuming. If you find yourself standing in front of your closet, confused, and discouraged - start from scratch. Get rid of all the clothes that don't suit you anymore. If something is dirty, old or in a bad shape, throw it away. Donate what is left and only keep the very best pieces.

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Focus on what makes you excited and experiment with it. Try thrift shopping! It's a great way to try out different styles without spending a lot of money. It is also agreat opportunity to take your style in a whole different direction. You might find yourself wearing completely unique items that highlight your personality and improve the way you’re perceived. It is fun to explore different styles so that way you can see what you feel best in. Take risks and remember that even that something feels uncomfortable at first, it’s only a temporary feeling.

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Find new wardrobe staples. Most of our favorite style icons have their own signature pieces you can spot a mile off. This can be an accessory, a certain colour or even a print. If approached the right way, every basic piece can be one of the most stylish items in your wardrobe. Looking at your essentials can also give you a focus as to what your style really is. Think about it. According to you and what you want to achieve with your new wardrobe, what are the must-haves that will build your own personal look? Leather jacket? A crop top? Vans? Write down about 8 staple items you absolutely want to include in your wardrobe and then you can continuously build off of these pieces.

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After you've decided on your essentials, you can start putting together simple looks. Starting slow and simple can create and develop your personal look even more. It's no news that your outfit says a lot about you, so be you. Pick your base, then add your layers. Choose your shoes, and accessorize. Voila! Your outfit is complete and you are ready to go.

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Be confident in your fashion choices and don’t care about what anybody else might say. Wear your new outfit with a smile because, after all, this is what creates you. It's what makes you, you. Remember that most people who are giving you weird looks aren’t necessarily thinking about your outfit. Most of the time, they are actually thinking of things like dinner, school or their workplace. Nothing is worse than being out and constantly looking for someone else's approval. Do things for you, not for the satisfaction of others.

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I’m definitely not saying you must be an instagram fashion guru. Adjust everything to your personal style. Have a messy bullet journal, create a moodboard, maybe start a blog. I must admit that having some sort of social media account or creating your own page can help reinvent your style and make you feel more inspired. For a creative person, everything they do is an opportunity for creativity. Just find something that you love and trust that it will help you focus and hone in on the things that truly inspire you. Put your creative potential into a good use. For example- I'm writing this article, which is for me, a creative outlet.

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When I was teenager I was emo, then preppy, then minimalist, then casual until I moved to a bigger city and found this vintage style that I feel like suits me the best. I’ve been through literally all styles in the book so don't get discouraged, because it takes time to develop an unique sense of style. Perhaps you will have to go through every type of fashion style before you can understand your personal taste, and that’s completely fine. The most important part of it is doing it for yourself. When it comes to your outfit, you should love every stitch of clothing that you're wearing, and that is what matters.

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That is it for today's article. Thank you for reading. What are your confidence tips, or fave pieces you wear to boost your self-esteem? Let me know.

Love, Paulina.