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Name: Aurora Lacasse
Nickname: Aur
Birthday: April 1st, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Gooosh, you're so Aries
-Ester to Aurora, 2:12 pm 2018


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long brown hair, green eyes, big lips and tanned skin
So, how do I control this hair today?
-Aurora, 6:57 am 2018


fashion, clothes, and style image fashion, outfit, and jeans image fashion, girl, and style image Image removed
cropped, jeans, skirt, fluffy jackets
Aaaaah you're so fluffyyyyyy!!
-Lucas hugging Aurora's jacket


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funny, extroverted, nerd, romantic, stress a lot but calms down easiy
WHO THE FUCK STOLLED MY HIGHLIGHTER? Oh it's right there sorry
-Aurora, 2:43 pm 2018


yorkshire and cute image yorkshire terrier image animals, baby, and dog image flowers, puppy, and yorkshire image
a yorkshire called Tommy


Temporarily removed art, bedroom, and books image food and cooking image aesthetic, dance, and filter image
study, cook, read and sing
Have you ever thought about going to The Voice?
-Leo, 6:05 pm 2018


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makeup, netflix, learn new languages, travel
Ester, come here, I'll S L A Y your makeup today!
-Aurora, 9:23 pm 2018

Best Friends

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Ester Bellucci
harmony, music, and piano image boy, glasses, and smile image
Lucas Browne
Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and asian image
Ayla Inoue
friends, night, and grunge image book, couple, and boy image couple image Temporarily removed
Can I ask why did you guys put A FUCKING TOY SPIDER IN MY BED?!
-Aurora to Ester, Ayla and Lucas, 3:42 pm 2018
When I count to 3 we run
-Ayla whispering


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Leo Kornel
Hey Aur! I made a new song, wanna sing?
-Leo to Aurora, 1:58 pm 2018


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Moooom! What condescending means?
-Aurora to her mother
-9:16 pm 2004