Name & Age:
Maite Aragón Gutierrez- 16.
May and Te.

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Hair like Maia's, beautiful smile, freakles and brown dark eyes.


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Maite needs to be extra sometimes because of her school, Las Encinas, but when she's out of school or something like events and stuff, she likes to use comfy and fashionable clothes.


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She's smart, confident(but not to much),she's ambitious and caring. Maite tries to help every one around her.


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She's Ander's sister.


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Nadia, Guzmán and Samuel are her best friends.

People she doesn't like:

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Maite doesn't like Polo and Carla. They are snakes.

Peole she would like to be friends with:

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Maite would like to be friends with Lu and Christian. She knows that deep deep inside of Lu's heart she loves and cares about Guzmán. Christian was a good person before knowing Carla and Polo but he changed A LOT.


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Maite has a crush on Samuel but he likes/liked Marina, so it's kinda of... you know.

Who killed Marina?

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May thinks Carla killed Marina. Why? Well, she used Carla to steal some watches for Nano, so it's possible.

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