Hello everyone today i decided to write a article about fashion in fall and more specifically about french girls

-The trench coat-

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To me it’s a basic that every girls must have in her wardrobe. we can also wear it in differents textures, colors ,prints...

-Denim Jeans-

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I think denim jean it’s perfect for many occasions with a style vintage , simple or trendy

-Scarf print-

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After the tartan and plaid prints , the scarf print it’s the new trend inspired by french foulards

-Saddle Bag-

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It’s the big come back to the famous bag from Dior with this shape of horse saddle. This bag become a essential

-Cozy Knits-

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Perfect time to wear a comfortable sweater with colors like brown , red or yellow . you can also wear the famous marinière( sailor shirt)

-Low heels and Flats-

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All the french girls want to be comfortable in their shoes so flats and low heels are great for the cold season and i think that we can be trend with flats

-Fine Jewels-

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Delicate and cute jewels sometimes gold-coloured ,sometimes silvery


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French girls have this je ne sais quoi , very natural , simple and themselves , they transform their minor flaws in asset

Voilà , i want to say thanks you about my previous article for it’s success. 🇫🇷🤩