THE 20 questions tag is made by many people here on weheartit lately, and I think it is really interesting to read more about the people behind the accounts, since weheartit is quite anonymous. So here you go with my tag. :)

1. What is your Eye Colour?

Temporarily removed eyes and hazel image aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image eyes, grunge, and eyebrows image
Hazel (brown and dark green). They look mostly like a mud colour but in the sunlight you can see the green clearly.

2. What is your natural hair colour?

blonde, curly hair, and model image curly, blonde, and carefree image
My natural hair colour is middle/dark blonde ( I dye it a lighter shade though)

3. Do you wear glasses?

aesthetic, glasses, and freckles image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Yes but only at home. When I´m out I wear contact lenses.

4. What is your favourite colour?

makeup, eyeshadow, and tumblr image paint, art, and aesthetic image water, aesthetic, and ocean image makeup, gold, and beauty image
Light pink, gold, creme/ beige, turqouise blue like water.

5. What is your zodiac sign?

taurus, wallpaper, and zodiac image gemini, Libra, and pink image
I am a taurus. And I feel like this zodiac sign really suits me :D

6. Do you have any siblings?

sibling goals image sibling goals image
Yes, one older brother.

7. What is your favourite animal?

Image by A cat, animal, and cute image audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffanys, and movie image cat, rain, and cozy image
I love cats.

8. What is your favourite food?

Temporarily removed food, chocolate, and nutella image kiwi, fruit, and food image Chicken, comida, and fries image curry, dinner, and food image arabian, falafel, and food image
I am addicted to chocolate lol, Kiwis, Ceasar salad, wraps, Falafel, Indian chicken masalla.

9. What languages do you speak?

deutsch, germany, and sprüche image quotes, life, and smile image
German, english, spanish - but I got really bad at it

10. Where do you want to travel?

travel, city, and sea image adventure, boho, and brunette image Image by Voyage Mount beach, summer, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed beach, ocean, and sea image
Italy, South France, Australia, all of Scandinavia, Caribean Islands

11. Are you single or in a relationship?

kendall jenner image party, girl, and friends image
Single Pringle

12. What is your favourite tv show?

skam, wallpaper, and background image Temporarily removed Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and paul wesley image Image removed
Skam <3 Used to love Vampire diaries, riverdale, pretty little liars a lot.

13. Do you have a job?

Temporarily removed sky, school, and pink image
Not currently. (I´m a student)

14. What´s your favourite season?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed
Spring and I loooove summer!

15. What´s your favourite holiday?

Image removed selena gomez, birthday, and selena image fashion, champagne, and drink image beauty, dancing, and drunk image
maybe christmas or nye, or birthday.. honestly can´t decide

16. Do you prefer warm or cold weather?

summer image summer, aesthetic, and girl image
Warm weather.

17. Do you want any tattoos?

beauty, hairstyle, and salt image Temporarily removed

18. Are you right or left handed?

Temporarily removed indie, plants, and tumblr image
Right handed

19. What movies could you watch over and over again and still love?

3msc, mario casas, and couple image Image removed
Tres metros sobre el cielo, divergent, Silk Road (the dutch movie), many more I don´t remember right now

20. What is your favourite music genre?

Temporarily removed friends, car, and summer image
Pop, party rap,anything you can dance good to :D

Dats iiit, thanks for reading<3